Regulations of Jeet Kune Do Kulelkavido Matchs


Regulations of Jeet Kune Do Kulelkavido Matchs


Objective, Content, Instruction and Definition


Article 1- Objective of this reference is, by taking into account of distributing Jeet Kune Do Kulelkavido competitive and implementable rules of Turkish Wushu Federations and International Federations and in the nationwide, to determine the procedures and the rudiments related to skills in the Int’l Match.


Article 2- This instruction contains trainers, sporstmans, judges, refrees, administrators, and other officials whom will participate into the partner organizations of Int’l Jeet Kune Do Federations with Turkish Wushu Federation and in the nation wide matches and /or in the private and official matches by the permision Turkish Wushu Federations.


Article 3- This regulation has been prepared dependin on the numbered 3289 of General Managership of Youth and Sport about of the institution and its officials’ law of enclosed matter 2,10 and 9 an and published issued 25522 of the Official Gazzette on 14.7.2004 in the framework of the autonomous federations of General Directorate of Youth and Sport in Official Gazzette on dated 01.10.2014 with issued 29136.


Article 4- The points in the question are concerned in this istruction;

General Directorate                        : General Directorate of Youth and Sport

General Director                             : General Director of Youth and Sport

Federation                                      : Turkish Federation of Wushu

President                                        : President of Turkish Wushu Federation

Admisnistrative Body                      : Admisnistrative Body of the Federation

Provincial Directorate                      : Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sport

Provincial Director                           : Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sport

Judge/Refree                                   : Judge/Refree of Jeet Kune Do

Instructor                                           : Instructor of Jeet Kune Do

Provincial Representation                 : Provincial Representation of the Federation

Sporstman                                         :Licenced Sporstman of Jeet Kune Do Kulelkavido

WJKDF                                              :World Jeet Kune Do Federation

JKDFA                                                :Asian Jeet Kune Do Federation

IJKDF                                                 :International Jeet Kune Do Federation                                       

HJKDCGFA                                        :Hardcore Jeet Kune Do Chinese Gung Fu Association

SSJKDA                                             :Survival Solutions Jeet Kune Do Association

ICMAUA                                             :Combat Martial Arts Organizations Union

JFJKDGA                                           :Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association

EJKDF and/or AJKDF                        :Eurasia Jeet Kune Do Federation

JKDAA                                                :Jeet Kune Do Sporstmanic Association



Fundamental Judgments

Varieties of Mathc

Article 5- Jeet Kune Do is being devided on two varieties as the official and private it is trained accordingly.

The Official Match; the Match which take place in annual activity programme of the Federation and/or in the Match have been organized by the National Provincial Directorates.

The Private Matches are out of The Official Matchs. The Private Matches are subject to the Federation. All kinds of TV broadcasting and media organs’ rights are subject to the Federation. Institutions, foundations and individuals which would like to organize private match should obtain permission from the Federation by provincial directorates. The results of the permitted match shall be sent to the Federation by the organizers of the match through the youth services of provincial sport directorates.

Varities of Match and the Methods

Article 6-  A ) Varities of Match : are devided into two classes as an individual and a team mathc

                   B )  Match Methods    : are applied within accordance to elimination and/or score system and weight.

Every/ each sporstman is being mathcd to his/her weight. The sporstmans in their own – weights are prized according to their skills of 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Attendants of Match                                                   

Article 7- The commission and attendants who shall be taken in charge are as follows;

a)  Composition Committeé in the Match;

is being consisted by the representative of the Federation, president of the Central Jury and a representative of the related province in the Match.

b) Three committeés are consisted to organize the provincial activities in the cities under the supervision of the presidency of provincial reppresentative. On the other hand, if the provincial jury is available, this body undertakes duty of the composition committeé under presidency of provincial presentative.

c) Chief/Superior of the facility and the assistants are;

              1)             is responsible of the safety and dicipline in the activity hall.

              2)             is responsible of the regulations, installations of audiance, lightnings and etc.

d) Obsorver’s and duties of the representative;

              1)             to inform the federation about the organization with a report.

              2)             to remove the blowches and unexpected things in the match.

e) Trainer and Trainer Assistant

Trainer and Trainer assistant of each sporstman may be present at the match. These individuals should have got Training certificates. trainer and trainer assistant may be present at corner of each sporstman. Trainer of sporstman is just only able to go into the plathform during the break – time. Any of them is not able to be present in the plathform during mathc – running. They watch the match. The trainer and trainer assistant will keep towels, water and other necessaries for the sporstman. The trainer can end the match by trowing the towel if he is convinced that the sporstmanis in danger out of the referee’s counting.                

The towel trowen by the trainer should be seemable by the referees. The trainer may only give verbal tactics to his pubils during the match. Otherwise, the referee warns him, in case of need, the referee is able to suspend him from the match. The suspended trainer from the mathc is not able to be charged in that match, however he/she can get charged in other mathc. If the trainer or trainer assistant is suspended second time, he/she can not get dutied for a long the period of that tournement.

The trainer couches the competitor and checks up whether the materials (head-guard, gloves, gumshield, leg protector, cup and foot-protector) are fit to the sporstman. Not only the sporstman but also his/her team may be punished and disqualified due to behaviour of the trainer.

Deliverance of the reports in result of the organised championship.

Article 8- The records related to each match shall be compiled by presidency of the central judge committeé and/or provincial judge in a file.

 This file contains;

a)  participated sporstman in the match, list of attendant, chart of match

b) weight list

c) judge and referee list,

d) the score-charts of referee a long the match

e) report of the match.

The file in the match organised by the federation will be directly dispatched by president of the central judge to the federation.  In the private match organised by the province and other institutions, the file delivered to the provincial directorate with a report of pronvincial judge will dispatched to the federation in period of seven days.

The expected conditions from sporstmans participating in the match

Article 9- From the sporstmans the following conditions are expected,

a) will be in age with a suited weight.

b) the athlet should have got a marked licenece in the same year.

c) the sporstman should not be punished to participate in match.

d) the sporstman should have the belt degree given by the federation and certify it in the copetitions.

e) It is necessary that name of the sporstman in the provincial official list in order to participate in the national match.

 f) The sporstman should have got national/original certificate with him/her where he/she represents for in international Match.

 h) The sporstman should have received a doctor report of ECG (electroencephalogram) /EEG (elektrocardiogram), blood pressure and indication of heart pressure in period of twenty days in the international championships. 

Weighing Device

Article 10 – The weighing method of sporstmans is subject to the federation rules. The sporstmans should be checked up by the doctor and approval of the checkup- card with the idendity cards designed by the federation and their licences before the enterance to the weighing device. The sporstmans whom are to go into the weighing should be worn of short –trouser and naked body.  Rights of the sporstmans are permitted to prefer their weight scales during the weighing device under the admitted counsile. If not, the sporstman is not in the same weight determined in the official list, he/she is according to regulations disqualified. Day and time of the weighing is determined by the federation.

Caution: If there is only one sporstman in concerned weight. This category is cancelled and not evaluated on the degree.

Draw Lots

Article 11- Lots are drawn after the weighing. Lots of match-up in match of the federation are fulfilled by the central judge and in which are provincial match fulfilled by referee committee of the province and represent of the federation in sight of administrator and referees.

•             If there are sporstmans more than four individuals in the same weight, their counts may be reduced in pairs as 4, 8, 16 and 32 so the lots are sufficiantly drawn.

•             All the sporstmans compete twice after they do one match at least.

•             Each sporstman who gets through the lap does the match first time in the second lap

•             If count of the sporstman who got through the lap is only one, his/ her opponent is winner of the first match of the first lap.

•             If the individuals who got through the lap are double count, they do the match as a first in the second lap.

•             The computer program will be used for drawing lots but also the balls of lot and written numbers on the paper are also able to be used.

Conditions for the clubs to participate into the Match.

Article 12- The clubs which shall participate into the Match of Jeet Kune Do should be registered by the federation. The conditions are determined by the federation for the sporstmans in the cities where Jeet kune Do clubs are not present.    

The sporstmans from Abroad

Article 13- The sporstmans whom are turkish citizens from abroad are able to participate into the organized Match and auditions of national team in our country by the permission of the federation.

The essences shall be pursued and applied to receive the permission

Article 14- The Conditions for receive the permission for the private Match

a)            This is fact that the permission is able to be given for the private Match organised by international Jeet Kune Do institutions such as WJKD, JKDFA, IJKDF, HJKDCGFA, SSJKDA, ICMAUA, JFJKDGA, EJKDF (AJKDF) and JKDAA.

b)           This is fact that we should apply to the federation via provincial directorates for the private Match in abroad fifteen (15) days ago before the event with the name – list of participant team.

c)            The original copies of agreements assigned by the parties and notarised conracts involving financial costs should be, at least, 15 days ago before the match’s date delivered to the federation by the way of provincial directorate. The federation nominates referee and obsorver for the Match. In this respect, expenditures of attendants are paid up by the organiser according to the amount determined by the federation.

d)           The administrator, referees to be nominated and sporstmans in the Match in nationwide and with foreigners in internationwide will be sellected by approval of the federation.

e)           An observor is nominated by the federation for the team at the competions with foreigners. Expenditure of the obsorver nominated is covered by organiser of the championship.

f)            The sporstmans of the province, clubs and institutions will compete against to foreigners in the championship should obey the competitive invitation. The federation may not permit for the sporstmans sellected for the official Match enable to participate in private Match order to prevent their disablements.

Recordings of mathc results

Article 15- Results of official and private match will indirectly informed by organisers to the federation with the chanal of provincial directorate. The results are not valid until the confirmation is fulfilled by the provincial directorate and the federation. The results confirmed are recorded in the registerar book and saved in the book for 5 years, the same records are also saved in the registrar books of provincial activity which provincial representative is responsible of designing.


Article 16- Within 15 minutes after the end of the mathc when the participants will make objection against a judgment;

•             in hand-writing

•             fee of plea

•             with a video of that mathc. 

•             It should be delivered to Appeal Councile.

The question in details should be explained in the written application of the objection. The appeal can be fulfilled for one of the rounds not for whole match.

        The objection is concluded by evaluating the results. Fee of applea should be appearingly paid. If the objection seems valid and right, the fee is remitted. In the contrary case, the fee is taken in the safe enable to be legibly transmitted to account of the federation.

        In the direction of sporstmans’ initiative judgment and judgment of the referees in the plathform of the match, their nonprocedural appleas or comflicts are directly transferred to the central Judge Committeé. The whole team competing in the same disciplined branch is disqualified. The applea is not able to be presented in case the above concerned behaviours are existing.

Essencial Cotegories of Jeet Kune Do Kulelkavido

Article 17- The Match of Jeet Kune Do Kulelkavido are displayed in 2 essencial categories.

As follows;

1.            Sparring – mutual matching

2.            Demonstration – Show or Realive

NOTE: Categories of demonstration and rules which are related to the regulation and furthermore, preparation.


This match of both competitors depends on speed and techniq suitable for the rules. Time of this match is net.

Specifics of Macth – Area

Article 18- Area of the Match is designed by matching mat or plathform.

Size of the mat is 8x8 for the match. A protective space area of 2mm must be around of the match plathform. The mat must be set up on the ground and be flat.

NOTE: If there is not be any mat, the match may be displayed in the boxing –ring.

Match Trucksuits / Garment and Protectors Materials

Article 19- Protector, Materials

•             Head-Guards (RED – BLUE),

•             Gumshield (Toothprotector)

•             Selfguard (RED – BLUE)

•             Gloves of Jeet Kune Do (RED – BLUE)

•             Cup 

•             Shin – bone protector  (RED – BLUE) should cover whole shin must be one part.

•             Elbove protector

 Match suits

•             Wblowe T-Shirt

•             Black Jeet Kune Do trouser.

Furthermore, the competitors may take on their belts pointing at their degrees.

Jeet Kune Do Gloves; palm of the gloves which should be used are to be covered on the condition that the fingers shall be open. The gloves shall allow for opening and closing hands. The gloves should cover the front knuckle and upper part of the fist and edges of palm and arrive up 5 cm of the wrist.  The gloves should have been produced by leather and foam materials and/or syntetic soft rubber. The gloves should be taken on hand of competitor by a sticker –band of the wrist. Gloves with metal and grips are not acceptable for banding. Total weight of glove should be 8 onz and 10 onz.           

Weight and Ages

IOC rules to the ages, January 1 is figured out.

1.            Adult – Males age group 18- 40

2.            Adult – Females age group 18-40

3.            over 16-17 ages of Young Males

4.            over 16-17 ages of Young Females

5.            below than 14 – 15 ages of Young Males

6.            below than 14–15 ages of Young Females

7.            Star Males 12-13 age group

8.            Star Males 12-13 age group

Age Group per weight categories;

Article 20-  A)  (Total weights 13 – 9 – 11 – 9 – 13 – 11- 12 – 11  = 69  )

1.            Young males 18- 40 Age weights: 48 - 51 - 54 - 57 - 60 - 63,5 - 67 - 71- 75 - 80 - 85 - 90  - (+ 90) kg.

2.            Young Females 18-40 age weights: 48 – 51 - 54 - 57 -  60  -  63,5 - 67  – 71   ( + 71) kg.

3.            over young males of 16-17 age weights: 45- 48- 51- 54 -57 - 60 - 63,5 -  67 - 71 - 75 - 80 kg.

4.            over young females of 16-17 age weights: 45 - 48 - 51 - 54 - 57 - 60 - 63,5  -  67 - 71 -  kg.

5.            below young males 14 – 15 age weights: 35-38 - 41-45-48-51-54-57- 60- 63.5- 65 -+65 kg

6.            below young females 14–15 age weights: 35-38- 41- 45- 48 -51 – 54 -57- 60-  +60 kg

7.            star males 12-13 age weights: 23- 25- 28- 31- 34- 37- 40- 43- 46- 49- 51- +51 kg

8.            star females12-13 age weights: 23- 25- 28- 31- 34- 37- 40- 43- 46- 49- +49 kg

The changes in ages and weights according to conditions, cautions and capacity of participation to the Match may be applied.

In Jeet Kune Do Rounds and Times

Article 21- Jeet Kune Do Match;

Adult categories are combined by three (3) rounds and each round is 2 minutes

In category of over young males, the match is combined by three (3) rounds and each round is 2 minutes. Break – time is 1 minute.

In category of below youngs, the match are conbined by 3 rounds, each round of 1,5 minutes, break – time is 45 seconds.

In category of stars,  each round is comprised by 1 minute and break of 30 seconds.

NOTE: However, arrangement of round and time is able to be regulated according to popularity of the participants.

Each round is individualy evaluated. If there is not a surrender in the rounds, in end of the scoring. Who one got the first two rounds is winner of the match.  In case of sawoff, a round more is added.

To blow onto allowed parts of body in Jeet Kune Do Match 

Article 22- Punching  /blowing on allowed regions in Jeet Kune Do Match are as follows

HEAD: Front, side and above.

BODY: whole region protected by selfguard

LEG:  legs and thigh except knee knuckles

To blow onto forbidden parts of body in Jeet Kune Do Match 

Article 23- To punch onto forbidden parts of body in Jeet Kune Do Match are as follows;

Back of head (nape)

Neck; front, sides (whole neck)

Finger blow to eye


Kicking on knee knuckles,

Allowed techniques in Jeet Kune Do Match

Article 24- Allowed techniques in Jeet Kune Do Match

WHAT IS THE TECHNIQUE?   Is legally to realize affective punch on the sensitive regions enable to reach at the end in the shortest time in the cource of the match clearly seems from the area of the referee and audiance.

Blows of all kicks, fists (knee, elbove are according to categories) and head-butts on the chest are free. Dum tek and going out as a follow-up of technique.

Furthermore, techniques of all lock, choke, and breaking may be practised to bring the competitor to knee.

Disallowed Techniques and movements in Jeet Kune Do Matches

Article 25- Disallowed Techniques and movements in Jeet Kune Do Matches;

1.            To prevent the match and run away from the match,

2.            It is forbidden to blow the ground in case of blocking, streching and choking etc.

3.            It is forbidden to purposely drop down the ground, inproper actions to the fairness and leaving the match plathform

4.            If the competitor leaves the match plathform without taking any punch, fist, kick from his competitor (goes out the plathform) in a round he/she takes a warning from the referee due to acceptance of purposed out. In case the competitor repeats this action in second time, he/she takes 1 warning, repeating 3 time he /she takes the second warning and lose the round. That means if he/she loses the round with 3 warnings. Exits (warnings) are valid for per round. All warnings and exists along the matches are informed to him/her from repeats of exits and 3 warnings along the match that may be disqualified.

5.            In case that Improper actions of sportsmen to the fairness, depending on the seriousnes of action he/she becomes disqualified without warning.

6.            Competitor can not make a scrore mark. Due to every kind of ımproper action a long the match, referee, sportsman, administrator and all team will be punished. The team is also disqualified.

7.            A trainer, a sportsman, administrator out the match plathform in the hippodrome who intent to disconcert harmony of the match and shout, speet, grapp and blow the referee and the attendant is led to criminal assembly. In addition to this, all the team and sportsman are led to the criminal assembly and may be disqualified.

8.            The competitor is not able to attack on the opponent fell down in time of match – stop. The attack on the opponent fell down whose head, body causes to get warning or disqualify. The referee committeé is able to make a judgment in this case.

9.            Biting, speeting on opponent, blowting by head, striking opponent. 

10.          blow eye by finger,

11.          catching legs of opponent and pushing him/her more than three steps.

12.          trow opponent down on his/her head 

13.          purposely trow himself/herself down to gain an advantage.

14.          grapp opponent,

15.          every kind of blows on groins,

16.          attack oever opponent in spite of that referee stops the match or try to attack,

17.          purposely take off and trow his/her tooth protector,

18.          blow the throut.

Calculating Table/Chart of Jeet Kune Do Match

Article 26- Calculating Table/Chart of Jeet Kune Do Match


1.            To blow the unforbidden parts,

2.            It should be unforbidden technique,

3.            The technique should be clear –net.

A-In below positions, 1 point is to be given to the competitor:

1.            If he /she knocks his/her opponent on the ground or trow him/her out the ring with techniques of knee, elbove kick and fist will be given 1 point (except the opponent becomes groggy due to these techniques).

2.            If the competitor is punished by warning, 1 point is given to the opponent.

3.            If opponent of the sportsman is given a punishment of passive,1 point is given for the sportsman.

B- In below positions, 2 points are to be given to the competitor:

1.            Blowting head and body with round kicks and/or trowing opponent out.

2.            Taking opponent down by grapping or (so-tek) sweeping kick, etc.

3.            The opponent becomes groggy position (referee counts) by applying acceptable techniques. In case if the sporstman becomes counted by the referee two times, he/she loses the round. If the sportsman becomes counted by the referee three times, he/she loses the match.

4.            If the opponent knee down by fist punches and kicking the legs and body.

5.            To prevent four full attacks of the opponent.

6.            Simultanious punching unbalance the opponent.

 C- In below positions, point is not to be given to the competitor:

1.            For non-clear, net and affective techniques,                                              

2.            during grapping, blowing the other one

3.            during grabbing, grappling and blocking, a competitor immobilise other one for 5 seconds.


The competitor will be knock out in following positions:

1.            getting opponent to knee down by lock,

2.            getting opponent to knee down by stretching,

3.            getting opponent to knee down by twisting,

4.            getting opponent to knee down by choking,

5.            getting opponent to knee down by Kesagatame

End of match – time, if the competitors could not have gotten eachother knee-down the ponts are calculated and determine the winner.

Moreover, in case the competitor does not come to the match, his/her opponent wins.

If one of the competitors makes 10 points against 0 or 12 against 2 by advantage of techniques is declared as a winner.

If one of the competitors goes out the ring by no effecting from a-touch and blow, even so a step out, or by cause of opponent’s attack is accept as an exit. Thus, this action is evaluated in above article.

1. warning for exit

2. punishment of warning for exit (and 2 mines scores). There is not any warning for step on the line with one foot or two feet. 

If the competitor goes out due to the component’s blow or kick is not accepted as an exit. (It is evaluated as a score according to technique *Article 2

Time stops while the referee warns the athlete and gives him/her a punistment of warning. Hence, the time of the match is nett.


Article 27- Violations of Jeet Kune Do Match Rules

1-To use forbidden techniques,

2-Both to prevent the match during the match running and to prevent at the beginning,

3-During the match, turns his/her back to his/her component,

4-To purposely fall down in order to gain a time,

5-To appeal against judgments of referee,

6-Improper actions to fairness and rules,

7-Trainer’s giving an improper tactic against the rules

9-Due to every behaviour out the rules of trainer, referees can give a punishment and disqualify the sportsman, (to drive away trainer and disqualify sportsman).

The conditions needed to stop the matches 

Article 28-

Judge and referee managing the match can stop the match. The judge councile (chief referee (judge) and attendants on the managing desk and side referees), the tactics and techniques applied by competitors are scored with judge and referees’ marks according to EXITS and FALL DOWN. Out this subject, the match is continued by non-stopping and the match continues until opponent becomes knee-down.  

  1-   One of competitors, by purpose of disablement or rise up his/her arms and banding gloves for regulating protective materials requires a break – time. (If Head Judge and Middle Referee thinks of that this requirement gains an advantage for competitor or becomes a disadvantage for opposite competitor or in both positions may not permit in case this break – time is not for security and aid of health. If the referees think that the competitor in disadvantage position requires a break – time for the relax or to prevent his/her opponent not to take a score, they can give 1 point to his/her opponent as a punishment of warning. The representative of judge committeé and Chief referee are able to stop the matches except any other outside.

   2 - When the middle referee rise hand up due to a valid cause to stop the match,      

   3 –When chief referee wants to regulate the judgment,

   4 –If the troubles and/or dangerous positions occur on the ring.                                                     

   5 - If the match is delayed due to troubles in the ring.

In case disabilities in the match and the procedures.

In case disabilities in the match and the procedures.

Article 29-

Any disabilities in the matches, the match must be stoppped until the judgment of the doctor due to the disablement of the competitor who is not able to continue the match. The doctor comes into the ring and decide whether the match runs or not. Necessary time for this intervention should not be more than 5 minutes. In this framework, all requisite treatments should be complited in five minutes. If time of the intervention and the treatment goes over 5 minutes the match is ended under the supervision of the doctor.

If serisous extreme of disablement (without taking care of five minute – limitation)  doctor may declare ending the match.

If the match is needed to be stopped due to the disablement, the referees will decide on / about as following, 

1.            Who cause disablement,

2.            Whether purposed disablement or not

3.            The disabled competitor with his/her purposed mistake.

4.            The disablement happened whether using improper technique against to the rules or not.

5.            If the undisabled competitor did not violate any rules, whether this competitor is  winner or not.

6.            If the undisabled competitor violated rule, the disabled competitor to be declared as winner and the undisabled competitor is to be disqualified.

Moreover, in case that doctor of the match declares the competitor is not able to continue the match, the referees decide whether the the match continues or not.

(After the treatment of the bleeding and volatile disablement, the referees can decide to end the match due to unsufficient and performance of the competitor)

Modus of Punishment

Article 30-  Modus of Punisment

 Middle referee, at first, stops the match in order to punish and indicates his jest of punishment with the approval of chief referee in sight of referee commiteé. The same practice is also applied in the position of disqualify.

The procedures to be applied before and after the matches

Article 31- The procedures to be applied before and after the matches

The greetings between both competitors and to the referee committee before and after the mathes. (Shaking hands by touches gloved hands).

The procedures are to applied in positions of disablement and coma or groggy

Article 32- The procedures are to applied in positions of disablement and coma or groggy

If the competitor is disabled during the match, the only one who is authorised to handle that is doctor.  If the competitor loses his/her conscincousness, the doctor is let to go into the ring when the doctor sees that it is necessary.

A competitor becomes coma with getting a blow on his / her head or in case that competitor can not continue matching due to head trauma, the match is stopped and definately the competitor is treated by the doctor. In this position, the competitor is not permitted to participate in to another match at least four weeks after coma of the head trauma. A necessary note is recorded for this matter and all procedures are registered.

Count varieties in Jeet Kune Do Matches

Article 33- Count varieties in Jeet Kune Do Matches:

Counting till 8 times: During the referee counts, even if the competitor in coma or groggy rises his/her hands up the referee maintains to count until 8 times then the match continues. 

Counting till 10 times: During the referee counts,  the referee continuse to count till 10 times by sensing that the competitor can not continue the match and can not rise the hands up and ends the match by taking approval of the chief referee.

Stop counting: During the referee counts, the referee should give up counting and take out the tooth protector and call the health care attendants in case that the competitor in position of groggy, any fracture – luxitio and ect


During the referee counts, even if the competitor dose not rise up his/her hands, the referee maintains to count until 8 times then the match continues and warns other copetitor after blow of the opponent and the disabled competitor by this disqualified blow is declared as a winner of that match. But the competitor can not participate in the following match and his opponent is disqualified.

If it is known that position of the competitor is not serious (if the competitor is not justiceful), the competitor is warned and the opponent is declared as a winner of that round.

While It is indispensably counted due to that the competitor takes a hard blow, the referee maintains to count up to 8 times. Before complete counting even if it is seem that conscincousness of the competitor is well the referee completes the counting to 8 times and gives 2 points to the component

If the competitor does not rise up hands after taking a hard blow, when the referee’s counts arrive at 8 time then the referee completes counts to 10 times.

Actions against to the Matching, Faulties and Punishments in Jeet Kune Do Matches

Article 34- Actions against to the Matching, Faulties and Punishments in Jeet Kune Do Matches

A-Technique faulties  (Positions needed punishment of warning)

1.            Interlocking to and grappling in order to passifise the opponent

      (ın this position, verbal warnings then punishment of warning).

2.            To purposely retard the match (Article – 35)

3.            The competitor takes off his head – protector, slackening of selfguard and laizy movement is warned and becomes punished by warning.

4.            The competitor who takes out his/her tooth protector and trows it is punished by warining

B-Individual Faulties: (the positions are needed to be punished by warning)

1.            The competitor who attacks the opponent before command of “Start”  (hay) or after command of  “stop” (jeet)  is punished by warning.

2.            The competitor who uses forbidden techniques is punished by warning

3.the competitor who blows the forbidden parts of the body is punished by warning.

POSITIONS NECESSARY TO BE DISQUALIFIED                                                                                                

1. The competitor who purposely multilates the component is disqualified and all the results are cancelled.                                                                           

2. The competitor who uses forbidden materials (doping) oxygjen addition is disqualified and all the scores are cancelled.                        

3. The competitor who insults to referees and attendants and bad sayings is disqualified and all the scores are cancelled.

4. the trainer who insults, fighting talk it out to referees and saying false statements and swearing at the referees is representing team is extracted and disqualified from the championships

5. aven if the competitor won the match but his / her equipment and materials are not sufficient and lack is disqualified.

6.  If the competitor comes to the match, with lack of material, with improper equipment or with various uniforms, by using metal hook to band gloves and using vaseline cream, and rubbing cream the body etc. İs disqualified by the referee of the match.                                                                       

7. these who are attacking with improper actions and terrifying will be processed in accordance to article “Instructional Adjugments of Dicipline and Punishment” in these adjugments of instruction 

Actions to retard the match in Jeet Kune Do matches

Article 35- Jeet Actions to retard the match in Jeet Kune Do matches

Following positions are taken in account of purposely retard the match:

1.            In case that competitor doesn’t prepare for the match on time, comes to the ring slowly when the referee calls him /her for the match, take off the tooth protector and trown it and slackening the selfguard.

2.            In case that he/she comes to the match without taking tooth protector, if this subject is noticed by the ring referee he/she should be obliged to take the tooth protector.

3.            In case that the competitor doesn’t come to the match on time, in case the falling on the ground or the falling out he/she moves slowly witout obeying the commands of the referee or coming to the plathform slowly.

4.            It is counted for the competitor when he/she displays laziness and the opponent takes two points,

5.            During the match, the female competitor requires break to bundle her hair due to prevention for using technique,

6.            During the match, if the competitor comes down from the plathform and retards the match when referee commands “STOP” with our permission of the referee (by thinking of the match ended).

 (If the competitor willingly leaves the plathform he/she will be evaluted as a left the match.)

7.            Displaying improper actions against to the fairness and /or improper actions against to the referee of the plathform or not taking a care of arbitrage of the referee. In these positions, punishment of warning is given to the competitor. (The opponent takes 1 point) in case that repeating the warning increases.


Article 36- Determining Winning and Losing

1.            Certain Winning

a-            One of the competitors brings another one position of knee-down.

b-           If there is large different in the technique between two competitors, referee of plathform may declare the competitor as a winner of the match by approval of the chief.

c-            The opponent is declared as a winner of match if the competitor falls down on the ground in result of blow and can stand up or though he can stand up but he / she is unconscincous for 10 seconds opponent of the competitor is declared as a winner of the match.

d-           Along the match, it is oblidgely counted three (3) times for the competitor after the competitor takes hard blows then his/her opponent is accepted as a winner of the match.

e-           Along the match if the competitor is warned for 3 times, the opponent is accepted as a winner of the match.

2.            To determine the winner of the round

A-           In end of each round is determined the competitors could not have succeeded to blow each other in position of knee-down, result of every round is determined according to side referee’s arbitrages.

B-           Along with a round, it is compulsorily counted two times (except purposely faulties) after the competitor takes hard blows and thus, the component wins.

C-           Along with a round, component of the competitor who goes out three times the competitor winner of that round.

If the scorse are equel in the round, the winner of that round is determined as follows;

1-            The competitor who takes less warning wins.

2-            The competitor who takes less admonition wins

3-            Lesser weight of competitor will declared as winner.

If the above criteria does not break the equalance the round ends in equalance

3.            to determine the winner of the match:

Who wins the first two rounds, he /she is declared as a winner of the match.

If a competitor injures, becomes ill and approved by the doctor, the opponent wins

In the system of sellection, scores of the rounds are equil between two competitors, the winner is determined according to following conditional rules

1 – The competitor who has gotten less warnings wins.

2 – The competitor who has gotten less punishment of warning.

3 – If it does not break the draw, a round is added.